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Rainbow Trout
Not Your Average Fishing Lodge

The Kenai River is the life-long dream of many fishermen across the globe, making it home to several fishing lodges. So what makes ours stand out from the rest? The pristine location. Kenai Riverside Lodge quaintly sits right on the banks of the Kenai River, so that even when your day of fishing is done […]

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Fly Fishing on the Kenai River
Dolly Varden vs. Rainbow Trout

With approximately 40 species of fish in the world famous Kenai River, it’s no doubt that identifying your catch can be a challenge. For example, Dolly Varden and rainbow trout are often lumped together, requiring cause for a closer peek before releasing. Although both are beautiful and protected species of fish, they have many differences. […]

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Denali Rainbow
Barn Doors and Chickens… also known as Halibut

Although not the prettiest fish in the sea, halibut tend to rank towards the top of many fishermen’s bucket lists. They’re massive, tasty and extremely exhilarating to reel up from the ocean floor. You’ll never look at the tip of the rod and think “was that a bite?”. You’ll know. To the constantly moving fly-fisherman, […]

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A Fishing Guide’s Perspective

By Kenai Riverside Fishing Guide Dave Maternowski Many thoughts run through my mind when I go to sleep on June 10th, the eve of opening day. Are the first vanguard reds in the Upper Kenai? Is the sled prepped with reigns ready? What spot am I gunning for before first light even arrives? With the last […]

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Kenai River
5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Fishing the Kenai River

This is why we fish the Kenai: It’s not unusual to share the shore with a bear, especially during the sockeye salmon run. They are there for the same reason as some of you: to stock up the freezer before winter rolls in. The world record sport fishing salmon was caught on the Kenai River […]

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