$2 a Day for Conservation

Care and concern for the environment is a constant companion on our travels throughout Alaska. We encourage all of our Alaska Wildland Adventures guests to participate in “$2 a Day for Alaska Conservation,” a volunteer donation program where you elect to contribute two dollars per day of your trip with us. These contributions will be passed through equally to the local Alaskan conservation organizations listed below. Please note that this is a strictly voluntary contribution and is tax deductible. Your final invoice will reflect the donation upon request.

AWA is proud of our contributions to preserve Alaska, and our guests donate up to $10,000 per year through this important program. If you prefer not to participate in this program, simply call our Reservations staff at 800.334.8730 and we will remove the optional donation from your final invoice.

$2 a Day for Conservation funds from our Alaska Adventures and Lodge Packages get divided among the following organizations:

  • Adventure Green Program
  • The Alaska Center
  • Alaska Conservation Foundation
  • The Nature Conservancy of Alaska
  • Northern Alaska Environmental Center
  • Resurrection Bay Conservation Alliance

$2 a Day for Conservation funds from our Fishing program and Day Trips get divided among the following organizations:

  • Friends of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge
  • Resurrection Bay Conservation Alliance
  • Cook Inletkeeper
  • Kenai River Sportfishing Association

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