Health and Safety Guide

Last updated April 15, 2024

As the Covid-19 pandemic has been in its endemic phase for an extended period of time, we’re sharing recommendations to make your trip to Alaska as seamless as possible. Although we do not anticipate any significant changes to the below recommendations, Alaska Wildland Adventures reserves the right to adjust its Guest Health and Safety guidelines at any time, pursuant to the Center for Disease Control. Thank you for periodically checking back on this page for updates relevant to your travels.

Your Role for a Safe, Enjoyable Trip

Guest Vaccine Information

To safeguard your personal health along with the investment of time and money toward your vacation, AWA highly recommends qualifying travelers who are eligible to be fully vaccinated and boosted by the time they arrive in Alaska.

If any guests become ill during any point of the trip or lodge stay, AWA staff will follow its guest care protocols based upon the unique needs of the situation. AWA may ask guests feeling under the weather to be seen by nearest qualified medical professionals and cleared by a physician before returning to the trip; costs and additional arrangements of medical care while on trip are the responsibility of our guests. We highly recommend travel insurance.

Though wearing masks is not required on our trips, for any guests feeling under the weather, our team may recommend wearing a properly fitted mask during parts of the trip where social distancing may be limited, such as on board our touring vehicles and vessels.

Our Operations

Our inherent style of “small group, big experience” active outdoor nature touring has set us up for success to operate capably in the new travel environment. As AWA offers a wide variety of Alaska vacation and travel options, our below guidelines are intended to cover the majority of trips and guest experiences. We aren’t a “one size fits all” operator, though, and if you can’t find the info you seek here, we encourage you to contact your Reservations Specialist about your specific trip.

Small Groups

Although we have always prided ourselves on our small groups, we’ve reconfigured some guest spaces, groups sizes, and other elements of our trip operations to allow ease in social distancing. By design, our operations and various modes of transportation are small-scale and intended to host smaller groups of travelers. We feel the best way to experience wild Alaska is away from the crowds. There may be moments during your trip when social distancing between our travelers or with our staff is not possible and a well-fitted mask may be recommended.  

Property Improvements

Our team has spent the past few years implementing several improved health and hygiene tools and systems at our properties, including but not limited to: HEPA air filtration; hand sanitation stations; touchless fixtures; expanded outdoor covered guest relaxation areas; and enhanced disinfection and cleaning protocols throughout our hospitality departments.


Depending on your particular trip, you may encounter varying types of dining services, including buffet options; order-off-menu options; or our “family style” meal service. Best-in-service hygiene protocols will be followed by kitchen teams and food preparation staff.

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