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Scenic View of the Alaska Range
Spotlight: Alaska 11-Day Grand Adventure

The Alaska 11-Day Grand Adventure, our most comprehensive adventure, features stays at all three of Alaska Wildland Adventures’ deluxe wilderness lodges on the Kenai Peninsula, showing travelers the full beauty of riverside, backcountry and seacoast Alaska. This trip also includes exploration of Denali National Park – with opportunities to view the stunning Alaska Range and […]

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View of Aialik Bay from the Ridge Hiking Trail
Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park sits on the edge of the Kenai Peninsula and next to the North Pacific Ocean. This location near the cold waters of the ocean, along with the ongoing collision of two tectonic plates (the subduction of the Pacific plate under the Continental plate), created the conditions perfect for the formation of […]

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Pod of Orca Whales
Marine Mammals

The beauty of Alaska’s seacoast is a big draw for many visitors to Alaska. Alaska has the most coastline of any state and boasts several different marine regions, full of unique landscapes and wildlife. Our trips primarily travel the waters around Kenai Fjords National Park. This unique seacoast is full of fjords, mountains, rocky islands, […]

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Canoes at Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge
Spotlight: Alaska Wildland Collection

One of our most popular all-inclusive vacations, the Alaska Wildland Collection highlights all three of Alaska Wildland Adventures’ beautiful wilderness lodges on the Kenai Peninsula. This all-inclusive Alaska vacation is highly recommended for families, as there are activity options to suit everyone and relatively little travel time between lodges… which means more time to explore […]

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Sea Kayakers near Icebergs
Kayaking in Alaska

Alaska has many amazing activity options and one of our absolute favorites is sea kayaking – there just isn’t anything quite like paddling quietly among blue glacial ice, stopping to watch otters playing, hearing and feeling the rush of a coastal waterfall… and all with stunning views of local glaciers and mountains. If kayaking is […]

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