Weather Permitting

Owned and operated by Alaska Wildland Adventures, Weather Permitting is a lodge transportation and water taxi operation with three boats. Weather Permitting is located in Seward, the jumping off point for exploring Kenai Fjords National Park. Opportunities for sea kayaking, marine wildlife viewing, camping and hiking are everywhere. Weather Permitting’s main function is to support Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge by bringing guests to and from the lodge by boat, and supplying all the items necessary to run a remote lodge. Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge is a 2-4 hour boat ride through the park, passing glaciers, mountains and abundant wildlife. We also provide water taxi services to the local kayak companies for their day trips into the park.

The positions available include working on the boats as a deckhand or Captain (licensing needed) and office support staff. Staff housing in Seward is limited so an independent living situation is probably required.

To learn more about the jobs available, visit our Job Openings page.

Community Relations:

Our facility is located in the small community of Seward, Alaska. We ask that staff members respect the community and use discretion when attending public venues in the town, whether it is the library, grocery store, a softball game or local restaurants and bars. As a representative of Alaska Wildland Adventures, be considerate and courteous to the community, both on and off duty.


We strongly encourage staff to explore and take advantage of the numerous recreational opportunities that abound in the local area. Quality days off are needed to maintain the busy pace of our operations. Staff must be self-motivated to get out and appreciate the surrounding landscape, and learn what the Kenai Peninsula has to offer. The scenic natural beauty and grandeur of Alaska is a primary attraction for all of our staff, and we ask that our employees respect and care for this natural resource to benefit future generations.

The success of Alaska Wildland Adventures depends on the actions of our high quality staff. We ask all staff to use tact, respect and common sense during all interactions with the community of Seward, other staff members and the surrounding landscape. Staff members' ability to co-exist harmoniously with other staff is as important as delivering top quality service to our clientele.

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