Kenai Riverside Lodge Jobs

Kenai Riverside Lodge is located in Cooper Landing, Alaska, in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula with loads of opportunities to explore Alaska’s wilderness. The lodge is on the road system and sits directly on the banks of the world-class sport fishery that is the Kenai River. The activities we support from Kenai Riverside Lodge are fishing, rafting and hiking, giving our guests a great variety of things to do. It is also the base of our summer operations, including our all-inclusive Adventures. This property is our largest with respect to the number of employees, with a strong community atmosphere and many activities, like campfires, to spend time with your new friends. As a large group of employees (about 65), it is important to be open-minded, have good group living skills and be interested in integrating into a close-knit community.

There are many opportunities to get involved with us at Kenai Riverside Lodge. We hire fishing and rafting guides, logistical support staff, hospitality staff of all kinds and natural history guides every summer. There are also opportunities for advancement in future summers as many of our guides and managers start out in support or hospitality positions, and come back in future years to guide on the river or as company leaders.

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Kenai Riverside Lodge Community Living Mission Statement

At Alaska Wildland Adventures, we seek highly motivated, personable and respectful employees to spend their summers with us. We have high standards for all staff in community relations, group living skills and stewardship of the surrounding land.

Community Relations:

This lodge is located in the small community of Cooper Landing, and with our summer staff numbering over 65 people, our impact on our neighbors can be significant and potentially negative. We ask that staff members respect the community and use discretion when attending public venues in the town, whether it is the library, grocery store, a softball game or local restaurants and bars. As a representative of Alaska Wildland Adventures, be considerate and courteous to the community, both on and off duty.

Group Living:

At Alaska Wildland Adventures' Kenai Riverside Lodge, staff are housed in two-person Yukon tents with limited amenities. Most creature comforts are available in facilities shared by staff, such as the Lounge, where meals are served; the bathroom, with showers, toilets and sinks for staff; and the Palace, for reading, game playing and watching movies.

We become family-like in many ways, for better or worse, during our time at this facility. This requires respect for oneself as well as peers and co-workers. We have established guidelines for the communal areas to provide a positive group living experience for all staff members, including quiet hours and housekeeping of communal areas. You will be asked to take part in communal living maintenance throughout the season.

These guidelines may be less than or more than what you do in your own space. We try to allow for the greatest flexibility with a minimal impact on the health and well-being of the entire staff.


In order to provide excellent customer service to our guests and promote a stable group living environment, we strongly encourage staff to explore and take advantage of the numerous recreational opportunities that abound in the local area. Quality days off are needed to maintain the busy pace of our operations. Staff must be self-motivated to get out and appreciate the surrounding landscape and learn what the Kenai Peninsula has to offer. The scenic natural beauty and grandeur of Alaska is a primary attraction for all of our staff, and we ask that our employees respect and care for this natural resource to benefit future generations.

The success of Alaska Wildland Adventures depends on the actions of our high quality staff. We ask all staff to use tact, respect and common sense during all interactions with the community of Cooper Landing, other staff members and the surrounding landscape. Staff members' ability to co-exist harmoniously with other staff is as important as delivering top quality service to our clientele.

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