How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in employment with Alaska Wildland Adventures. Our family of wilderness lodges and nature tours operate annually during Alaska’s summer months, from mid-May through September. If you are interested in working with us during all or part of our summer season, we encourage you to apply by following these steps:

1) Prepare a Cover Letter that addresses:

  • How you heard about Alaska Wildland Adventures.
  • Why you want to work with us.
  • The jobs you are applying for.
  • The relevant skills and experience you bring.
  • Your dates of availability; the first and last day you could be working in Alaska. (Our full season is May 12 to September 15. Our positions usually go to applicants who can work the entire season.)

2) Prepare a current Resume that addresses:

  • Education
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Work Experience

3) Compile a list of three people to use as references.

  • They must be able to comment on your work-related qualifications for the position(s) that you have applied for, as well as on personal qualities that may be relevant.
  • We prefer at least two references being current or past supervisors.
  • You will be asked to provide their names, their title or occupation, email, phone number and relation to you.

4) Send an email with your cover letter and resume to to request your link to our online application.

  • Please be prepared to provide your three employment references as part of the application.

Although we welcome employment applications at any time, if you are interested in applying early for our summer season job opportunities, we highly recommend submitting your online application during the months of November and December. Our hiring team will begin contacting new applicants for phone interviews around mid-January and into the months of February and March.

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