Kenai Fjords Day Cruise

Every stay at our Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge begins and ends with a marine wildlife and glacier cruise through Kenai Fjords National Park – an ideal way to explore the beauty of Alaska’s seacoast. Departing from Seward, Alaska, small boat touring is often the preferred mode of exploration in the Kenai Fjords for more intimate wilderness experiences and enhanced natural history interpretation. The park is also a prime destination for whale watching. On the four- to five-hour journey to the wilderness lodge, keep your eyes out for incredible views of the Kenai Peninsula and a variety of marine wildlife. Seek out whales, Steller sea lions, Dall’s porpoises, sea otters, puffins and more.

Relax and take in the beauty of this pristine area – both to and from the Glacier Lodge – as your experienced skipper navigates through the fjords. Feel the salt spray mix with mountain mist as we explore the stunning seascape and listen for thundering booms as giant slabs of glacier calve into the sea, heard as far as 20 miles away. Journey to the face of massive tidewater glaciers, descending amid mountain peaks from the sprawling Harding Icefield.

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