Canoeing is a relaxing and fun way to explore the various waterways of Alaska, and is a featured activity at Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge. The lodge and grounds is located on the edge of Pedersen Lagoon, a stunning location for both glacial views and wildlife sightings. Our 12-person Voyageur canoe offers a fun and engaging way for small groups to explore the lagoon without disturbing the local inhabitants; harbor seals and sea otters often dot the water’s surface while black bears are frequently seen along the shoreline. Join a group paddle and discover the wonders of Pedersen Lagoon with your informative guide.

In addition to exploratory sightseeing, the canoe also provides access to the far side of the lagoon to access a sweeping glacial moraine for an exploratory hike along the glacier’s rugged natural path. For geology buffs, this is a chance to see Alaska’s dynamic landscape in action and learn about the glacier’s dramatic impact on the local flora and fauna. Follow the moraine’s path to reach the terminus of Pedersen Glacier as it cascades from the mountains to the lagoon below.

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