January 31, 2016

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Fishing the Kenai River

This is why we fish the Kenai:

  1. It’s not unusual to share the shore with a bear, especially during the sockeye salmon run. They are there for the same reason as some of you: to stock up the freezer before winter rolls in.
  2. The world record sport fishing salmon was caught on the Kenai River in 1985 at just over 97 pounds – a king salmon.
  3. The color of the river that you see on Google images is actually accurate. The Kenai River is this shade of turquoise due to the glacial silt in the water.
  4. Harbor Seals can be seen on the Kenai River and have even been known to travel as far up as Skilak Lake (nearly 50 river miles from the Cook Inlet)!
  5. President Carter and his wife have fished the Kenai River. They even chose us at Kenai Riverside Fishing to guide them!