Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge Hospitality

Essential Requirements for all Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge Positions:

  • Cheerful and enthusiastic attitude during long days in a sometimes cramped workspace.
  • Possess the ability to work within a team structure and in a flexible manner to accomplish a variety of tasks including: food preparation, packing, housekeeping, light maintenance and guest service.
  • Ability to live and work in a communal, camp-like atmosphere. 
All positions have dishwashing duties. Please note: all dishwashing at this lodge is done by hand using a three-step method.

Lead Dinner Cook

This position takes leadership of the dinner shift. Responsibilities include: staff supervision; quality control; oversight of meal preparation; housekeeping oversight; and food inventory control. Previous cooking experience required. It is essential for this person to be a positive role model, an instructive teacher and a leader of a healthy, happy team. 


Various responsibilities include: baking, dinner cook, breakfast cook and prep cook. Responsible for positive teamwork and enthusiastic work environment.


A combined job which rotates through the season for variety. Includes cabin and lodge cleaning, cooking assistance, recycling, dishwashing, waiting tables and some outdoor tasks.