Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for a position?

Please visit our How to Apply page.

Can I hear from past employees about their experience working with Alaska Wildland Adventures?

Yes! Please visit our YouTube playlist to hear directly from current and past Alaska Wildland staffers.

What is the room and board/housing situation at each lodge?

Kenai Riverside Lodge:

Since the Kenai Riverside Lodge is on the road system and there is housing available off-site, we do not require staff to live on-site at the lodge. However, we do offer a Meal Service Agreement for all employees. The Meal Service Agreement includes housing (included by Alaska Wildland Adventures at no charge), but there is a $210/month charge for food ($7.00/day). Laundry, detergent and shower facilities (including soap, shampoo & conditioner) are provided for staff members at no additional charge.

This agreement is offered at a rate lower than the actual cost of housing and feeding employees to ensure in good faith that this is a non-profit making policy for our staff member's convenience (the total estimated cost to AWA for housing and food is $400/staff member/month).

We are confident that this Meal Service Agreement is beneficial to our employees since it would likely cost staff members much more to pay for their own housing and food. However, if a staff member prefers to live off-site and have more independence, they are welcome to do so. Alaska Wildland Adventures does not condone illegal camping or "squatting" on public or private lands and may ask staff members for proof of legitimate housing.

The housing provided is rustic cabin-tents (2 staff members/tent; there is no heat or electricity provided in the tents); staff kitchen; and a lounge (with couches, heat, electricity, TV and VCR).

Kenai Backcountry Lodge and Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge:

These lodges are in truly remote locations, and the only option is to live on-site in staff housing. Therefore, there is no charge for food or housing for the staff members at either of these lodges. Staff space is much more limited due to efforts to keep our impact low but you can't beat the locations! Staff housing includes cabin-tents (two staff members/tent), bathroom and/or an outhouse, shower and a cabin-tent as a staff lounge. Limited amounts of electricity are available at the lodges.

What are your age requirements?

For some positions, the minimum age requirement is 21 years of age due to liquor license regulations.

For those applying for Outdoor Leadership positions, applicants must be at least 19 years of age and preferably at least 21 years of age. These age requirements are due to safety and insurance requirements.

Applicants applying for driver positions must be at least 23 years of age, due to safety and insurance requirements.

Do you offer summer internships?

We are not accepting internship applications at this time but encourage people to apply for a position. All of our locations have the opportunity for entry level positions.

Sorry, but we CANNOT offer volunteer positions to applicants.

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