Financial Contribution

When it comes to environmental causes, we come to the table financially.

Donating Pre-Tax Earnings to Environmental Organizations

Alaska Wildland Adventures understands that our greatest corporate asset is the wild character and natural beauty of Alaska. We believe it is sound business management to invest in the repair, maintenance and improvement of our environment, just as we invest in the improvements of our properties and equipment. To that end, AWA gives a percentage of our pre-tax earnings to local environmental organizations.

We also donate trips and in-kind services each year at annual fundraisers. Furthermore, each year AWA pays tens of thousands of dollars to federal and state agencies in various user fees. In many ways, just by choosing to travel with us, our guests contribute to the protection of Alaska's wild places.

Two Dollars a Day for Conservation

We respect the decision to give philanthropically to causes you support. In addition to company donations, we suggest that our guests contribute $2 per person for each day they travel with us to be shared between local conservation groups. We sincerely thank our guests for their support in keeping Alaska wild. Read more about this program here.