Alaska is for Everybody

At Alaska Wildland Adventures (AWA), we strive to be leaders in responsible tourism. Our company culture focuses on care and concern for our natural world and environment while also extending into advocacy for equality, inclusion and fairness in our human relationships - with both our guests and our staff.

Our goal is to foster an inclusive environment that is welcoming to anyone who wants to experience the wonders of wild Alaska, regardless of race, religious beliefs, economic background, sexual identity, or abilities.

Here are a few ways that Alaska Wildland Adventures practices building a diverse, inclusive and equitable community:

  • Hiring and Training
    • Our Hiring Team meets often to revise and update our hiring practices, to uphold our equity and inclusion standards and ensure continued education on how we can keep our workplaces welcoming and a place where all staff can thrive
    • Staff are provided access to routinely updated resources to continue individual growth in the areas of Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI), including books, articles, podcasts and media suggestions to help diversify social media feeds
  • Land Acknowledgments
    • Our staff and guides receive training on the importance of acknowledging the previous - and in many cases still-present - Indigenous stewards and guardians of the land upon which our lodges and trips operate
  • Community Partnerships and Programming
    • We are grateful for a long-standing partnership with Port Graham Corporation, a Native Alaskan organization with ancestral connections to the waters and lands of Kenai Fjords National Park (learn more at
    • We strive to respectfully share the voices of the Alaskan Native people whose ancestral lands we visit and the People of Color who are making a difference in the outdoors and conservation. Projects, for example, include our Sugpiaq Storycorp Fellowship and Sugpiaq Cultural Guide. Both projects are a partnership with the Port Graham Native Corporation where we aim to capture the stories of the Sugpiaq Elders in the community through the voices and art work of the community members today
    • We seek to give philanthropically to local organizations and charities which align with our responsible tourism goals